What should I do if I notice a water leak?

During regular business hours, contact customer service immediately. After regular business hours and on the weekend, call the District's main number, 909-624-0035 and follow the directions on the telephone menu to report an emergency water problem.

A District staff member will be notified and will come to the location to determine if the leak is the responsibility of the District or the homeowner. If the leak is determined to be an emergency and is the responsibility of the District, our staff will tend to the problem as soon as it is possible. If it is determined that the leak is not an emergency, the District must file a "Dig Alert" to request other utilities mark the location of their infrastructure (gas, electric, telephone, cable) prior to crews digging in the street. The District is required to allow at least 3 full business days for utilities to respond to Dig Alert requests.

For information, call the Maintenance Department at 909-624-0035, ext. 112. You can also report a leak online.

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