Planning Documents

  1. 2009 to 2014 Strategic Plan
  2. 2011 Hazard Mitigation Plan
  3. 2011 Recycled Water Master Plan
  4. 2015 Financial Master Plan
  5. 2015 LAFCo Service Review for Water Conservation within the Valley Region
  6. 2015 LAFCo Sphere of Influence Municipal Service Review Report
  7. 2015 Urban Water Management Plan

The District Board of Directors, management, and staff developed this Strategic Plan to provide a basis for meeting challenges and to advance the District to its next level of success. This strategic plan provides a roadmap that serves as an important tool with which to focus our energies and resources over the next five years. It will assist us in making the types of decisions that will continue the District's track record of progressive actions.

Read the Plan (PDF)