Government Transparency

Monte Vista Water District, a public water agency formed in 1927 under the County Water District Act (California Water Code Section 30000 et seq.), is fully accountable to its customers and constituents. The District is proud to operate in a fully open and transparent manner under the State of California's Brown Act and Public Records Act. The following information and links are provided to assist the public in reviewing and participating in the District's process of public governance.

Public Participation

Public Board Meetings

The Monte Vista Water District Board of Directors holds regularly scheduled public meetings on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month beginning at 6:30 p.m. These public meetings are scheduled after work-day hours to facilitate public participation. Board meetings are held at the District's offices. The public is invited to attend and to provide public comment during these meetings. Click here to submit a Request to Speak form for an upcoming board meeting.


Members of the Board of Directors are elected in November on even-numbered years to overlapping four-year terms. Customers who are interested in standing for election to the Board should visit the San Bernardino County Registrar of Voters page or call 909-387-8300.

The next election is set for 2024.

Public Documents

The Reports, Forms, and Documents section of this website contains downloadable public documents related to the District's finances, operations, planning, and communications. Specific public documents and categories related to government transparency are highlighted:

Board of Directors

Budget and Financial Documents

Compensation Documents

Information Documents

Planning Documents

Transparency Documents


Use our online contact form or call 909-624-0035 if you have any questions.