Forms & Applications

Request for Public Records

Administrative Policy D-16 governs the District's process for providing access to public documents in compliance with the California Public Records Act.

Request for Public Records Forms (PDF)

Auto-Pay Agreement & Application

The Auto-Pay program is available to District customers who would prefer to pay their water utility account through an automatic debit to a checking or savings account or through an automatic credit to a Visa or MasterCard account. Customers may enroll in the program by submitting a signed and completed Auto-Pay Application to the District office.

Auto-Pay Agreement and Application (PDF)

Monte Vista Water District Job Application

Please visit the Application page for instructions on how to apply for a job at Monte Vista Water District.

Hydrant Meter Agreement & Application

A mobile hydrant meter requires a signed application as well as a deposit .

Hydrant Meter Agreement and Application (PDF)

Application for Water Budget Variance

Use this form to apply for a variance to the District's budget-based tiered rate structure for individually metered residential customers. Customers may apply for a variance under one or more of the following categories:

  • Child/Adult/Elder Care Facility
  • Establishment of New or Rehabilitated Landscaping
  • Irrigated Landscape Area
  • Leaks
  • Livestock and Large Animals
  • Medical Needs
  • Number of People per Household
  • Pool Refilling

Application for Water Budget Variance (PDF)

Sample Water Bill

A sample of the District's water bill design. Access a breakdown of the water bill.

Sample Water Bill (PDF)

Lifeline Rate Application

A Lifeline Rate will be extended to an individual who provides the District with confirmation that he or she is retired and 55 years of age or older or disabled, with an annual income, per household, of $30,500 or less. The Lifeline Rate includes 900 cubic feet of water in the bimonthly readiness-to-serve charge.

Lifeline Rate Application (PDF)