From the days when the Serrano Indians witnessed the appearance of the first white men, water has played an important role in the growth and development of the Monte Vista Land Tract.

After 90 years of continuing service to its customers, Monte Vista Water District's core mission has not changed significantly. The District was founded on the need for a reliable, available supply of high quality water for domestic use and for adequate fire protection at a reasonable cost. Today, those needs are still valid.

Old Water CisternImprovement & Planning

In 1997, the Board of Directors made a long-term commitment to improve the District's aging facilities and developed a long-range plan to maximize its use of local groundwater and to continue to fulfill its mission of providing available, reliable high quality water services at a reasonable cost.

With a Facilities Master Plan, a dynamic and ambitious planning tool, in hand, the District began implementation in 1998. In order to carry out the intent of the facilities improvement plan, a financial plan was also developed to provide the mechanisms to finance the many needed projects over a 30-year period of time.


Because of the strong and stable financial position of the District, scheduled rate increases have been relatively modest, yet providing adequate revenue to keep ahead of inflation, address increased operational costs and also fund the facility improvement costs.

Modern Groundwater WellA number of projects called for in the Facilities Master Plan have been completed during the past decade, including the construction of seven new groundwater production wells, a nitrate blending station and related pipelines, several pipeline replacement projects, a new mainline feeder pipeline, monitoring station and the Chino Hills/Monte Vista Intertie project.

Future Projects

Projects for the future include: completion of a new groundwater production well, numerous pipeline replacement and improvement projects, reservoir seismic improvement projects; continued implementation of the Dry Year Yield Program in partnership with the Metropolitan Water District and the Chino Basin Storage Program.