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Replace your irrigation timer with a "smart" weather-based irrigation controller (rebate available!). You'll save 40 gallons per day!

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New Customer Tool: Dropcountr lets you take control of your water bill


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What is Dropcountr?

Dropcountr is a water customer portal for you and your family. Through Dropcountr you can access your water usage, your rate tiers, important alerts from MVWD, rebates and tips and tricks about conserving water use, anytime, and anywhere.

How is this supposed to help my family?

Most people only get their usage in the form of a bill - in (sometimes) confusing units without much context about how much they used this year compared to previous years, how much their usage compares to others or efficient households. Dropcountr provides all this information in a format that makes sense and can be accessed anytime and anywhere (instead of digging up old paper bills and comparing!)

Additionally, Dropcountr provides you quick access to super important utility rebates, alerts or notifications (Streetwork in your neighborhood! New rebates available for your family!), tips and tricks about conserving water and an email usage report.

You're not expected to sign in every day, but it's helpful to have access to your usage when you want it, and in a format you prefer! (App, webpage, or email)

Where can I access Dropcountr?

You can access Dropcountr on your computer at dropcountr.com, or by downloading the Dropcountr application in the Apple or Android app store (links also on Dropcountr website)

Why has MVWD partnered with Dropcountr?

By providing your family with more detailed information about your water use, we hope you feel more confident in managing it! We're in the business of supporting our customers and helping them make conscious household decisions. It's hard to manage what you don't measure, so this is a tool to equip you to make conscious decisions.

Who else is using Dropcountr?

Communities all over the US are using Dropcountr - in Texas, Colorado, Massachusetts, and California.

How does Dropcountr obtain my data?

Monte Vista Water District collects your household's water consumption information once every two months for billing purposes. At that point, we transfer usage data to Dropcountr using a secure file-transfer-protocol program.

Is it secure?

Absolutely, 100%. Only you and Monte Vista Water District has access to your household data use.

Who am I being compared to?

The neighborhood comparison compares your household to similar households in your neighborhood. That means Dropcountr compares 2-person, 2-bathroom, no lawn households with other 2-person 2-bathroom no lawn households. Dropcountr makes a very conscious effort to not compare households with different profiles (mansion v. studio apartment)

What are efficient households?

Efficient households are customers within their budget allocations.

I'm having trouble signing up, help!

Send an email to support@dropcountr.com, they'll help walk you through signing up.

How do I cancel my account?

Send an email to support@dropcountr.com, easy as that.

I've moved households, how do I change my profile to reflect my new house?

Send an email to support@dropcountr.com, and they'll help you change household's profile.