Water Saving Tip

Fix leaky faucets and toilets. You'll save 20-50 gallons per day per fixture!

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Today's Watering Index

Water You Doing

Recommended Spring Watering Schedule


MVWD would like to remind customers to change their watering schedule for each season. Plants and lawns typically need less water in the spring and fall months than they do during the summer, and they require much more water during the hottest month of the year than during the rest of the warm months. 

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Mulch Giveaways


Chino Basin Water Conservation District will be giving out FREE Mulch and Compost Giveaways from 8:30-11:30 AM on the First and Third Saturday of each month

Mulch is a mix of local tree trimmings. Mulch helps conserve water by reducing evaporation, allowing water to be held in the soil for longer. It also helps build soil structure, inhibits weed growth, and much more. 

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WaterWise Workshops


Want to learn more about irrigation basics or how to plant a winter vegetable garden? Chino Basin Water Conservation District offers WaterWise workshops to all of our customers!

Classes will be held at Chino Basin Water Conservation District at 4594 San Bernardino St. Montclair, CA 91763. All classes start at 9 AM-12 PM and are FREE unless otherwise noted. Click here to be directed to the Workshop Sign up or call 909-626-2711.

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FREE Irrigation Retrofit Programs


MVWD is excited to offer FREE irrigation retrofit programs to our customers! Upgrading your irrigation system can be the most effective way to cut your water use.

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Save our Water- Virtual Tour

Save Our Water

Learn how you can save water throughout your house by making simple changes. Click here to take a virtual tour in and outside the house. 

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Water Conservation. IT'S FOR LIFE.

Save Our Water

Since Governor Brown's proclamation declaring a drought state of emergency, Californians have been taking great strides in their commitment to water conservation; by developing a lifestyle as opposed to a momentary quick fix.

Check out Save our Water, a website that provides updated information about the drought and ways to reduce everyday water use. The website offers indoor and outdoor water use tips, sprinklers 101, ideas for awater-efficient garden and more!

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Free Sprinkler Nozzles


Monte Vista Water District customers can now get Free Sprinkler Nozzles from local retail irrigation distributors. These new high efficiency nozzles, which use less water than conventional ones, help reduce runoff and can lower your water bill. Available while supplies last!

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Water Saving Garden Friendly


Check out the Water Saving Garden Friendly website, a tremendous regional resource for introducing Inland Empire friendly plants to your landscape! The website lists upcoming events, workshops, and plant sales, as well as plant lists and local demonstration gardens. 

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Get a Free Irrigation Evaluation


Monte Vista Water District customers can get a free evaluation of their outdoor landscape irrigation system. Most homes use 60-70% of their water outdoors, and 2-3 times what they need to use. Learn how you can use less, and save!

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"Water: What You Pay For"

MVWD would like to communicate to customers the value of water service and explain why safe drinking water has a cost. Click here to watch "Water:What You Pay For" Video.

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