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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Workshop: Turf Removal 101 - Four Methods of Turf Removal

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Chino Basin Water Conservation District
4594 San Bernardino Street
Montclair, 91763

Who's on your turf? If turf at your house is just watering and mowing and you don't often actually use it, it might be time to consider some changes. This FREE workshop will explore water & maintenance saving alternatives that will bring you more beauty and interest than your turf ever did.

Come learn what it takes to get your sod out, and the advantages and disadvantages of each method. The techniques work equally well if your "lawn" is really more of a patch of weeds.

We will explore:

  • Choosing the best method of turf removal for each situation based on the site, personal preferences, and the type of turf or weeds present


  • Four methods for turf removal including 1) Sheet mulching, 2) Solarization, 3) Physical mechanical removal, and 4) Chemical application, when it is useful due to specific turf or weed species


  • Guidelines for effective chemical application with the lowest environmental impact


  • The first steps to consider in replacing your lawn with a climate appropriate garden, creating your own landscape design, and additional resources to help you on your way.

We will also have a hands-on portion demonstrating two organic methods of killing your lawn: Solarization and Sheet Mulching.

Please wear close-toed shoes and bring a hat, water, and sunblock. We encourage everyone, of all physical abilities, to participate in the hands-on portion. However, if you would rather watch instead, please join us anyway!

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