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Monte Vista Water District's customers use on average 17 million gallons of water per day, and up to double that on a peak day.

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The Feather River in Northern CaliforniaThe Feather River in Northern California, one source of imported water for the District

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2018 "Water is Life" Poster Contest Winners (May 11, 2018)

Monte Vista Water District is proud to announce the winners of its annual "Water is Life" art poster contest. Students in grades K-12 in schools within the District's service area were invited to create an art poster depicting the theme, "Water is Life". The District received 67 entries representing 17 classrooms in six schools.

Winners received gift cards to a book store and an awards certificate, and their posters were submitted to Metropolitan Water District of Southern California's regional art poster contest . Teachers of contest winners received gift cards to Target.

Grades K-3 Division Winners

  • First Place: Logan T. Guthrie, 1st Grade, Monte Vista Elementary School, Montclair. Teacher: Ms. Russ
  • Second Place: Atasha Doria, 2nd Grade, Howard Elementary School, Montclair. Teacher: Mr. Medina

Grades 4-6 Division Winners

  • FIrst Place:Hannah T. Guthrie, 5th Grade, Monte Vista Elementary School. Teacher: Mrs. Blake
  • Second Place: Angelina Puente, 6th Grade, Lehigh Elementary School, Montclair. Teacher: Mr. Olive
  • Third Place: Sasha Vasquez, 6th Grade, Lyle S. Briggs Fundamental School, Chino. Teacher: Ms. Armstrong

Grades 7-12 Division Winners

  • First Place: Pricyla Duarte, 7th Grade, Serrano Middle School, Montclair. Teacher: Ms. Megaw
  • Second Place: Marielle Gines, 7th Grade, Serrano Middle School, Montclair. Teacher: Ms. Flores
  • Third Place: Alice Yam, 11th Grade, Montclair High School, Montclair. Teacher: Mr. Aguilar

Click here to see a slideshow of the winning posters