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Monte Vista Water District has implemented a new budget-based tiered rate structure for individually metered residential customers.

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Monte Vista Water District Service Area Teachers Receive Funds for Water Education Activities (Jun 16, 2016)

Dr. O board presentation

The Water Education Water Awareness Committee (WEWAC) has awarded more than $13,000 to local educators to conduct water-related education activities. Of the 26 grants recipients, 10 were selected from the Monte Vista Water District's service area. A total of $5,250 was awarded to Lehigh Elementary, Monte Vista Elementary and Montclair High School teachers for investments in curriculum development, technology, field trips and other activities.

Dr. Russell Okinaka from Montclair High School, is now an 8-time grant recipient. He and his students attended the June 8 board meeting to present their project to the board of directors.

WEWAC is a consortium of conservation professionals representing 15 cities and water agencies located in western San Bernardino County and eastern Los Angeles County. For programs visit www.usewaterwisely.com.

This year's winners

  • Jackie Albay-Yenney of Montclair High School
  • Sandra Cortes of Lehigh Elementary School
  • Michele DeCasas of Lehigh Elementary School
  • Kay Hoover of Monte Vista Elementary School
  • Argy Leyton of Montclair High School
  • Reyna Nides of Lehigh Elementary School
  • Russell Okinaka of Montclair High School
  • Tina Ramsey of Montclair High School
  • Jennifer Ron of Lehigh Elementary School
  • Susan Villarroel of Lehigh Elementary School

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