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Monte Vista Water District has developed landscaping plans to replace 75% of landscaping at District-owned facilities with water efficient plants.

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Board Adopts Resolution in Support of Water Bond (Sep 17, 2014)

On September 10, the Board of Directors adopted Resolution 682-15 in support of the $7.545 billion water bond that will appear on the November ballot.

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Proposition 1, titled "The Water Quality, Supply, and Infrastructure Improvement Act of 2014," is a $7.545 billion general obligation bond measure set for the November 4, 2014 ballot. If approved by voters, the measure would provide funding for new surface and groundwater storage projects, regional water reliability, sustainable groundwater management and cleanup, water recycling, water conservation, watershed protection and safe drinking water, particularly for disadvantaged communities.

Monte Vista Water District relies on local groundwater, recycled water, and surface water supplies, as well as supplemental water imported from the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, to meet our collective communities' water supply needs.

Supporters and Opponents

Proposition 1 has been endorsed by numerous water agencies, business groups, environmental organizations, agricultural interests and labor groups. A list of supporters can be found at www.yesonprops1and2.com. It is opposed by some taxpayer organizations and other groups. A list of opponents can be found at www.noonprop1.com.

What Supporters Say…
  • California's severe, multi-year drought has highlighted the need for a comprehensive state water plan that improves and safeguards water supplies.
  • Proposition 1 funds a diverse mix of programs strongly supported by the public - from water conservation to recycling to groundwater cleanup to water storage - as part of a statewide plan.
  • Proposition 1 funds programs to help manage and prepare for drought, ensuring that communities, farms and businesses get reliable water during dry times.
  • Proposition 1 provides a cost-share for 21st century water storage projects that create more places to put water in water times for later use in dry times. Projects would be selected through a competitive process.
  • Proposition 1 is fiscally prudent; it doesn't raise taxes of fund "pork" projects.
  • Proposition 1 invests in programs that support economic growth and jobs.
What Opponents Say…
  • Proposition 1 makes the wrong investments and does little to relieve the drought.
  • It does not produce new water and fails to achieve long-term regional water self-sufficiency.
  • Proposition 1 adds billions of dollars of taxpayer debt and takes funding away from education and public health.
  • Proposition 1 subsidizes private interests who want to build expensive dams that will only increase water supply by 1%. The dams would not even be usable for decades.
  • Proposition 1 is bad for the environment, our rivers and our salmon.