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Monte Vista Water District's basic operating budget for fiscal year 2014-2015 is $13.2 million, with an additional $3.0 million budgeted for capital improvements.

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District Responds to Statewide Drought (Jan 20, 2014)


Here's some ways you can reduce your water use!

On January 17, 2014, Governor Brown declared a drought emergency for all of California. We are entering a third year of dry conditions, with 2013 breaking records in much of the state.

The Governor has asked all Californians to reduce their water usage by 20% in response to the drought. Monte Vista Water District's customers have done an excellent job changing their water use habits over the past decade, reducing District-wide water consumption by over 20%! We thank you for being among the most efficient water users in the region.

But more can be done, and the District is here to help!

What Can I Do to Save Water?

The easiest way to save water is simply to change your water use habits--click here for water-saving tips, seasonal watering schedules, and more. The above graphic illustrates some of the best ways for District customers to further reduce their water use by 20%.

Click here to learn about the many water conservation resources and programs available to District customers, including free landscape irrigation evaluations, free sprinkler nozzles, free weather-based irrigation controller installations (for qualifying customers), and other rebate and incentive programs. We also offer free water-wise gardening classes in both English and Spanish--sign up here for March 15th!

Finally, the District reminds its customers that they are required to practice year-round, common sense water use efficiency best practices like fixing leaks, watering at night, and not hosing down paved areas. If you see someone wasting water, please let us know!

For more information on how you can save water, we invite you to visit the Save Our Water website at saveourh2o.org.

Will Monte Vista Water District Run Out of Water?

Monte Vista Water District's water supplies are highly reliable, even in drought.

The District has invested millions of dollars over the past decade in securing a highly reliable local water supply. A majority of its supply comes from local groundwater basins which store water from wet years so its available during dry years. The District also has developed a drought-proof recycled water system to distribute reclaimed wastewater for irrigating large landscapes.

The District's imported water supplier, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, has invested over $5 billion in the past 20 years in storage and infrastructure improvements to protect southern California from drought. This has resulted in higher rates but a more reliable water supply regardless of weather conditions.

Due to the reliability of its available resources, Monte Vista Water District does not expect to declare a water shortage this year, but will be responsive to the Governor's call for statewide water conservation.

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Click here to download Resolution 676-14: Recognizing Statewide Drought Conditions and Implementing Ordinance 33 Provisions

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